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Home DIY Tips Howto: Upgrade Naim NAC-102 to NAC-82

Howto: Upgrade Naim NAC-102 to NAC-82


The NAC102, originally introduced back in 1996, represents a tipping point as far as its value proposition. It delivers a combination of features (time-aligned circuitry, remote control, plugin phono boards), with the classic Naim sound of the Olive series.
It’s upper class stablemates (NAC82, NAC52) include similar circuitry, with extended (though redundant) features such as different listen/record switching, and a shielded volume control board.

The key difference between the NAC102 and the NAC82/52, is the way the power is distributed internally:

  • The NAC-102 supports only 2x24v supply rails: one feeds the phono-boards, the Time-aligned and the tape-out buffer stages, the other one feeds the gain stage.
  • The NAC-82 allows 4x24V rails: two feed the gain stage (left+right), two feed the buffer stages and phono boards.
  • The NAC-52 supports 12x24v rails: separate feed per each module.

What this kit is about:

The kit offered here, upgrades the NAC-102 to NAC-82 level, by adding a pair of additional power rails, the resulting power distribution is:

  • Two rails feed the gain-stage (left+right).
  • Two rails feed the Time-aligned buffer (left+right) and the phono-boards.
  • Tape-out buffer is disconnected.

Package contents:

The upgrade kit includes the following:

  • DualTeddyCap.
  • a pre-wired DIN socket, some extra wires, heat-shrinks etc.

A medium-level soldering skill is required, plus basic tools and a Multi-meter.

Assembly instructions:

Detailed assembly instructions can be downloaded from here: (LINK

Ordering info:

This kit can be ordered as an add-on option of the DualTeddyCap

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