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In the past, we used to make cables that are silver-plated PTFE isolated. These were a bit over analytical to some of our customers, which drove us to find other alternatives.

Behold the new Koltura product line

We take pride in our new Koltura cables, which represent years of experience in servicing and modifying Naim equipment. We have looked at alternative solutions, and tested different configurations before finalizing this design.
Our main goal in building the Koltura cables, is reaching a fine balance between open and detailed sound on one hand, and rich tonality on the other, without being over analytical.


All our cables are based on multistrand, multipair, pure-copper cables, originally made in Germany, with our own unique wiring scheme, aimed at reducing inter-conductor capacitance, and minimizing ground impedance. The result is a lower noise floor, free of ground-induced hum noise.
Due to the specific architecture of Naim’s products, great care must be taken with correct grounding scheme, so as to avoid ground-induced hum noise.
Our Koltura cables follow Naim’s wiring schematic, with a strict emphasis on correct grounding and shielding.

Usage examples:

FromToWhich cable?
no-Naim sourceNaim preamp or integratedKoltura D18-RCA
Naim sourceno-Naim amplifierKoltura D18-RCA
Naim preampno-Naim headphone amplifierKoltura D18-RCA
Preamp power supply audio-out socketno-Naim power amplifierKoltura D4-RCA
Preamp power supplySubwooferKoltura D4-RCA
Preamp power supplyNAP250/300/500Koltura D4-XLR
no-Naim preampNAP250/300/500RCA-XLR Cable

Witch hat compatible products

Witch hat modelTeddy Pardo model
Hatpin 5Koltura D5
Hatpin 4Koltura D4
Hatpin 4XKoltura D4-XLR
Morgana XLRKoltura D4-XLR
Morgana SourceKoltura D18
Morgana 4RCAKoltura D4-RCA
(*) please note: this table does not offer any subjective opinions about Witch hat cables.

DIN Source Cables

Koltura D18

  • connects a Naim source to a Naim amplifier /pre-amplifier.

Koltura D18-RCA

  • Connects a Naim source with a no-Naim amplifier.
  • Connects a no-Naim source with a Naim amplifier.
  • Connects a Naim preamp to a no-Naim headphone amplifier.
  • Versions are available with 2x RCA, or 4x RCA plugs.

Power supply cables for analog products

Koltura D5

  • Compatible with Naim SNAIC-5 and Witch hat Hatpin 5. 
  • Compatible with TeddyCap, TeddyCapPlus, DualTeddyCap, TeddySuperCap, Naim HiCap, Naim Supercap.

Koltura D4

  • Compatible with Naim SNAIC-4 and Witch hat Hatpin 4. 
  • Required when using external power supply with NAIT XS and Supernait.

Power supply cables for digital products

XPS Cable

  • Compatible with Naim XPS Burndy and Witch hat Anaconda XPS Burndy. 
  • Compatible with TeddyXPS, and Naim XPS (all versions).

XPS Plus Cable

  • Compatible with Naim 555 and Witch hat Anaconda 555 Burndy (note: Port2 only). 
  • Required when using XPS-Plus power supply with NDS and ND555.

Burndy cables

Cables for power amplifiers

Koltura D4-RCA

  • Compatible with Witch hat Morgana 4RCA.
  • Connects a power supply analog signal output (DIN 4pin) to a no-Naim power amplifier, or a subwoofer.
  • Connects a no-Naim preamplifier to a Naim power-amplifier with DIN 4pin socket (e.g. NAP200).

Koltura D4-XLR

  • Compatible with Witch hat Hatpin4X.
  • Connects a power supply analog signal output (DIN 4pin) to a NAP250/300.
  • Versions are available for NAP250 (single cable) and NAP135/300/500 (pair of cables).


  • Connects a no-Naim preamp to NAP-250 (single cable, 2xRCA–XLR) or NAP 135/300/500 (a pair of cables, each one has 1xRCA–XLR. 

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