We are Teddy Pardo Audio Ltd, a company based in Hod Hasharon, Israel. Our source of inspiration is the British “Cottage Industry” of the 80’s and 90’s, when HiFi vendors actually focused on the sound quality of their products, and their common goal was “Bang for the Buck”.

The company was started in 2008 by Teddy Pardo, at his home basement, after several years of building and testing different topologies of voltage regulators and power supplies. 

The kickoff for this process, was a result of a casual meeting that took place in 2004 at Teddy’s place with another audiophile DIY-er – Yair Furman. Yair demonstrated an old pair of chrome-bumper Naim’s that were completely rebuilt and modified, mainly by adding on-board voltage regulators (the process is described in this post on PFM).

This demo drove Teddy into a long journey of understanding voltage regulators and their effect on sound quality. In 2008 Teddy sold his first “TeddyCap” to a Naim owner. In 2010 Teddy moved to a new facility, where the company still runs today.

In 2019, Yair Furman joined in as Head of Operations, to assist Teddy with customer support and production. Yair brings over 20 years of experience in the Israeli high-tech industry, plus countless hours of modifying audio equipment, mainly of British origins.


1. More musical enjoyment, at less cost, for the longer term.

As we are avid audiophiles ourselves, we constantly strive to improve the musicality of our products. This is achieved by a series of measurements and listening tests, through our reference system.

Every product we produce, passes through a series of tests, to verify its performance in real world conditions, including even heat and vibrations.

We choose the electronic components, based on strict guidelines of quality and reliability. This means staying away from low-cost no-name Chinese components. This also means staying away from ludicrously-prices “audiophile” components, which usually add very little value.

2. Better understanding of the customer’s needs.

We put a major emphasis on spending time with our customers, either face-to-face, by email, Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp etc. We always try to offer the best advice for better sound, even if that means losing a sale.

3. Better customer service.

We maintain a policy of Money-back-Guarantee for all our products. This has proved to be a successful strategy, as the rate of returns we received is extremely low.

We have overhauled our product packaging, which has reduced transit-related damages to nil.

We have switched our standard courier to DHL, only to ensure a safe and fast delivery with spot-on tracking.

Teddy Pardo
Yair Furman
Yair Furman

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