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You can search the required power supply based on the brand and model of your device (e.g. “Logitech Squeezebox”). Click the product link for details.

Power supplies for other brands

Product typeConnector optionsCompatible with:
5V / 3A5.5mm / 2.1mmJCAT USB Femto /Network Adapter;
Lindemann Limetree;
English Electric 8Switch;
5V / 3A5.5mm / 2.5mmLogitech Squeezebox Classic / Touch;
Pink Faun Bridge (all models);
5V / 3AMicroUSBChord Qutest;
Intona USB Isolator;
5V / 3AUSB-A Panel Connector
5V / 3AUSB-C Panel ConnectorRaspberry Pi 4
5V / 3ALemo PlugNordost Q-Point;
7V / 3A5.5mm / 2.1mmMatrix X-SPDIF-2;
Sonore MicroRendu /OpticalRendu /UltraRendu;
Uptone USB-Regen /ISO-Regen /Ether-Regen;
7V / 3A5.5mm / 2.5mm
9V / 3A5.5mm / 2.1mmM2tech HiFace EVO;
9V / 3A5.5mm / 2.5mm
12V / 2A5.5mm / 2.1mmRME ADI-2 / 2-Pro;
Melco N100 /S100;
Chord 2Qute;
Chord Qute-EX;
Chord Qute-HD;
Chord Hugo;
Clearaudio Concept;
AntiMode (DSPeaker);
Moon Mind180;
Musical-Fidelity MX-Vinyl;
12V / 2A5.5mm / 2.5mmexaSound (all models except for PlayPoint DM);
Arcam AirDAC;
Arcam irDAC;
Arcam rPlay;
Arcam rHead;
Linksys (all models);
12V / 4.5A5.5mm / 2.5mmGalibier turntables (all);
Mytek Brooklyn /Plus /My DAC;
SOtM sMS-500 Ultra;
eXasound PlayPoint DM
12V / 4.5AXLR PlugLegacy Wavelet;
12V / 4.5AHirose Plug
15V / 2A5.5mm / 2.1mm
15V / 2A5.5mm / 2.5mmChord M-Scaler;
16V / 2A5.5mm / 2.1mm
16V / 2A5.5mm / 2.5mmAurelic Aries;
Aurelic Mini;
18V / 2A5.5mm / 2.1mmE.A.T Forte;
Antilope Amari;
Thorens TD321/320
18V / 2A5.5mm / 2.5mmProject TubeBox S2;
Project PhonoBox DS2;
Project StreamBox S2 /Ultra;
TeddyNUC (19V)5.5mm / 2.5mmRoon Nucleus /Plus;
Intel NUC - i3 /i5 /i7;
Intel NUC10 - i3 /i5 /i7;
Innuos Zen Mini;
Asrock Beebox - i3 /i5;
20V / 3.5Amini-XLRProject Stream Box RS
24V / 2A5.5mm / 2.5mmGraham Slee Reflex M;
Musical Surroundings Phonomena II+;
24V / 2A5.5mm / 2.1mmSwissonor PPP Phonostage;

Dual Outlet Power Supplies

Choose from the following options, we can also make custom configurations, such as 5V +7V etc.