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14 reviews for Send payment

  1. Peter Wood (verified owner)

    Committed and super service as always

  2. Francis Ng (verified owner)

  3. Osvaldo Sousa (verified owner)

    Very happy with the TeddyCap SE. Amazing little power supply.The sound of my old Nait XS is very much clear and solid. Overall a great addition!

  4. Peter Wood (verified owner)

    Great service

  5. Trevor B. (verified owner)

    Paid online, a simple process

  6. Pravin Ebenezer N (verified owner)

    Nice Clean Power Solution

  7. Friedrich (verified owner)

    Perfectly serviced

  8. Ira C. (verified owner)

    I recently purchased a new Mini Teddy 16VAC Power Supply from Teddy Pardo Audio. This was for my vintage Thorens TD147 Jubilee Turntable. I spoke with Yair on the phone describing my issue and he let me know there was an affordable option for my wall wart replacement. The order was placed and arrived quickly. Packaging was great and my 40 year old Thorens is not happy again with a modern and very well built and designed power supply . This purchase was motivated by the failure of a power supply which blew up the motor controller board on my turnable. I was able to fix the issue but wanted to get a quality supply to use , Teddy Pardo audio came though. I would love to get another power supply for my in Photo Pre Amp in the not too distant future. thank you for the product , great communications, and service.

  9. Lourens Feenstra (verified owner)

    My power supply was disfunctioning after 3 years. Teddy Pardo offered free repair. I only have to pay for the shipping costs. Great customer service. Thanks.

  10. Rob Boss (verified owner)

    Very happy with my DualCap. Great communication and service.

  11. Hasan L. (verified owner)

    Thanks for designing and making this super +/-5v LPS for my Linkwitz 521.4 ASP crossover. It works very well and moves the performance of the system up several notches. I am definitely impressed.

  12. Menno d. (verified owner)

    I replaced a Teddy 9/2 by a miniTeddy for my EtherRegen switch. The upgrade from an iFi power supply to the Teddy was good. But the miniTeddy made an improvement that I thought would not be possible for a switch.
    Shipping and delivery was very quick!

  13. Dan B. (verified owner)

    I own a Teddy Pardo 12/2 and recently purchased a MiniTeddy supply and another MiniTeddy in parts that I assembled in my own case. I made an error in constructing, but thanks to Yair’s patient guidance, it was soon up and running.
    I consider Pardo supplies to be the ultimate in value.

  14. Howard Roseman (verified owner)

    Great power supply for my Nucleus+.

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