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Bluesound Node/Node-X/Node2i Upgrade Kit (MiniTeddy)


The Bluesound Node/Node-X/Node2i Upgrade Kit replaces the internal switch-mode power-supply in the Node, with Teddy Pardo Audio high performance external power supply plus custom-made internal regulator board. This upgrade kit can be installed in 10-20 minutes, without requiring any special tools or special skills like soldering, making it suitable for non-technical users. The result is a big step forward in the sound quality of the Node, bringing it very close to the level of network streamers costing twice as much.

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The Bluesound Node/Node-X/Node2i Power Supply Upgrade Kit replaces the internal switch-mode power-supply in the Node streamer, with a Teddy Pardo Audio high performance external power supply.

This upgrade kit can be installed in 10-15 minutes, without requiring any special tools or soldering, making it suitable for non-technical users. The result is a big step forward in the sound quality of the, bringing it very close to the level of network streamers costing twice as much.

New - MiniTeddy Power Supply

The new MiniTeddy is a single-outlet power supply in a compact-sized, all-aluminum chassis. The MinTeddy circuitry is based on the 4th generation of our familiar SuperTeddyReg voltage regulator.
The new version is based on the same layout which started in our TeddyCap Special Edition, which includes careful component selection and careful biasing of the active stages, resulting with a reduced output impedance, and better load regulation.
The result, sound wise: a more dynamic presentation, sharper focus and 3D imaging.
MiniTeddy specifications:

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 6x18.5x13.5 cm
  • Chassis material: Aluminum. Front panel: 4mm.
  • Weight: Net = 1.5Kg, Gross = 2Kg


The Bluesound Node/Node2i are originally equipped with a low-cost switch-mode power supply, similar to the power supplies that can be found in many consumer level products. This power supply has insufficient performance level in term of clean power delivery, resulting in mediocre overall sound quality. The upgrade kit offered here brings the Node, a major step forward, both in analog and digital outputs.

Node vs Node2i

The Node is the new version from Bluesound, launched in 2021. It features a better DAC chip (Texas Instruments PCM5242 in Node, vs PCM5102 in Node2i), which makes it DSD and MQA capable device.

Visually, the Node is easy to identify by having an HDMI port (not found in Node2i).

The Node2i main board requires several voltages to run properly, which is why our upgrade-kit includes an internal regulator board, feeding from the external 7v Teddy power supply.
The Node/Node-X runs from 5v external power supply, without requiring an internal regulator board, which makes it easier to install.

Node2i kit contents: 

The Bluesound Node2i Upgrade Kit includes the following components:

  • MiniTeddy power supply 7v/2A.
  • Internal regulator board, that distributes the required voltages to the main board.
  • Custom-made rear panel adapter, wired with DC plugs.
  • High quality DC cable.

Node/Node-X kit contents: 

The Bluesound Node Upgrade Kit includes:

  • MiniTeddy power supply 5V/2A
  • Custom-made rear panel adapter, wired with DC plugs.
  • High quality DC cable.

Node/Node-X Installation Video:


Comparing with the Node in its original form, the upgraded model reaches sound quality levels that surpass network streamers at twice the cost: it shows better focus and clarity, wider and deeper soundstage, and deeper bottom octave.

Michel R from Canada about this upgrade:

The second day came the revelation. You nailed it again:) It’s already glorious. Everything’s better: not just a question of bass and treble. The whole music just sounds better. The image, the 3-D of the soundstage… It's awesome.

Thank you for making such great devices, Yair, you make my life better:)

Michael R from California, USA about this upgrade:

The Bluesound upgrade kit arrived and was easy to install.  After a few weeks of listening, I must admit the sound improvement far exceeded my expectation.  Increased clarity, detail, and soundstage.  Overall, as you initially described to me, a more analog presentation.

Node2i conversion instructions:

Download from here: LINK

Node conversion instructions:

Download from here: LINK


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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 6 cm
Bluesound Node type

Node2i (older version), Node/Node-X (newer version)

22 reviews for Bluesound Node/Node-X/Node2i Upgrade Kit (MiniTeddy)

  1. Shalom Mani

    Great service by Yair in Hod Hasharon lab !!! Enjoyed the hospitality and professionalism. A role model for customer service.

  2. James G.

    A major sound improvement and being greatly enjoyed.

  3. Pierre T.

    Extremely fast shipping to Texas, got here less than a week from ordering. Overall nice website and communication. Install instructions are great. Definitely gained some clarity from my bluesound NODE right away. A+

  4. Thomas Zäh

    Its worth every penny. The sound is much better now.
    More details, bass precision is better, bigger ans deeper soundstage……

  5. Wayne H.

    Wow! This was a noticeable improvement as soon as the music started playing, and the posted review was spot on. I had considered an external DAC for my NODE but not anymore. I highly recommend this upgrade; you won’t regret it.

  6. Lee (verified owner)

    I implemented the Terry Pardo MiniTeddy upgrade power supply with the Bluesound N130.
    I play ripped CDs, digitized vinyl LPs, and Qobuz thru the Roon software application.
    I do not and have not every used the DAC function of the Node N130, so I cannot comment on that aspect of the devices.
    The Node N130 feeds a Naim DAC V1, which feeds vintage Naim electronics, and a vintage pair of passive Linn Isobarik speakers.
    The change has resulted in pronounced clarity on low level details of the recordings. Very Good improvement on micro dynamics, and the over all scale of the recordings.
    Excellent improvement on percussion on well recorded releases.
    Pleased with the purchased. I have used TP devices before and I trust the organization’s commitment to a quality product.

  7. Steven D. (verified owner)

    The mini TeddyPardo is excellent. It’s amazing! Gives me goosebumps. Bass trouble and mid range are all better. Plus it’s made for the node and it’s small. I found myself listening for many more hours to my hifi every day after installing. It added some magic. My highest rating! Easy to install.

    Image #1 from Steven D.
    Image #2 from Steven D.
    Image #3 from Steven D.
  8. Michael G. (verified owner)

    First, all credit to Teddy Pardo. Communications were frequent and informative from sale to shipping. Instructions for installing the upgrade in my Node were clear and accurate. My only pain point was the “snap” of the Node’s top on removal. But they warned of it and as they said, nothing actually broke.

  9. Andrew

  10. Guy M. (verified owner)

    Très satisfait du produit. Le changement de la qualité sonore est évidente. Je recommande cette modification du node.

  11. Tony Maggio (verified owner)

    I immediately noticed an improvement with my BlueSound Node after installing the Teddy Pardo MiniTeddy power supply kit upgrade. Highly recommended, and a cost effective solution especially if you are considering an upgrade to a streamer costing between $2000-$3000.

  12. Mark C. (verified owner)

    Great sound. Quiet background. Fast shipping though it’s from Israel so allow some time for delivery. Worth it!

  13. Kevin (verified owner)

    Definite sound improvement from Node. Easy installation although Node is a bit tricky to close together. I slowly squeezed around the Node before it snapped back into place

  14. Glen (verified owner)

    Excellent improvement to the Bluesound Node. Very easy to install.

  15. Andrew H. (verified owner)

    Purchased this on the recommendation of a friend as an upgrade for my Node 130.
    I’d only recommend this upgrade if you feel confident in taking your Node apart to fit it, although the process is very straightforward removing the top panel of the Node I found required a little bit more force than the YouTube video suggests, I highly recommend watching this video a couple of times if you’re unfamiliar with taking electronic equipment apart, it took me 20 minutes start to finish to carry out upgrade.
    I left the Node & power supply running for 3 days before carrying out any critical listening, comparing it to my other unmodified Node, the differences, better bass extension, improved sound stage, better delineation between all frequency bands, in fact I compared it to my HI-FI Rose RS250 and on Tidal MQA it isn’t far behind that in overall quality terms at half the price.
    It’ll be interesting to see what difference the power supply will make to my recently purchased Node X.
    Overall very happy with the product and customer service from Teddy Pardo.

  16. Jak Benardete (verified owner)

    Excellent product, made an immediate difference in the sound quality. 100% recommended

  17. Michael (verified owner)

    Pleasantly surprising improvement in sound quality. Delivery was exactly as expected and installation video made it easy to install.

  18. Stan (verified owner)

  19. Mitchell (verified owner)

    …sound improvements from the Teddy Pardo…I found the sound stage imaging/separation got even better (wider and deeper), along with bass response and overall delicateness of the notes, if you will. The background noise floor always sounded super quiet, but I suspect it may have dropped even further (dynamics seem to be sharper in a good way). The very recent BluOS support for FLAC files shot it up even further.”

    I have an Audio Research Reference DAC. I primarily listen to instrumental jazz.

    I primarily listen to Qobuz. Before the Teddy Pardo upgrade, Pandora sounded okay, now Pandora sounds AMAZING!

    I suggest getting the Teddy Pardo upgrade…it will be money well spent for the leap in performance upgrade you’ll receive.

  20. John Francis (verified owner)

    Improved the sound quality of my system.

  21. X Curtis (verified owner)

    Very nicely made and solid feeling. The performance (already quite good in standard form) improvement was remarkable from first listening and continued to improve over time. My order was processed quickly and the PS arrived in an amazingly short amount of time. Overall I feel this was a very worthwhile upgrade.

    THX C-

  22. David Scola (verified owner)

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