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TeddyCap Special Edition (SE) – Replaces one HiCap DR


The TeddyCap SE is a high-end power supply, dedicated to Naim’s integrated amplifiers, mainly SuperNait 1..3 and Nait XS 1..3.
This power supply improves upon our highly successful TeddyCap, resulting in a higher resolution, better dynamics and more defined timing.
The TeddyCap SE is a drop-in replacement to all generations of HighCap, as well as our own TeddyCap.
Along with improved circuitry, The TeddyCap SE includes our newly developed Koltura DIN cables.

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The TeddyCap SE is a high-end power supply, dedicated to Naim's integrated amplifiers, mainly SuperNait and Nait-XS (all versions).

This power supply improves upon our highly successful TeddyCap, with higher resolution, better dynamics and more defined timing.
The TeddyCap SE is a drop-in replacement to all generations of HighCap, as well as our own TeddyCap.
Along with improved circuitry, The TeddyCap SE includes our newly developed Koltura DIN cables.


We have tested the TeddyCap SE extensively with such amplifiers as NAC-282, Supernait2 and Nait2-XS. The results were consistent: connecting the TeddyCap SE always resulted in a better sense of "being there". This included a better sense of rhythm and timing, increased clarity, and a well focused three dimensional stereo image.


The TeddyCap SE comes with our newly developed Koltura cables, which were developed and made in our facility. The new Koltura cables are made of multiple strands of pure copper wire , offering a well balanced sound across all frequency spectrum, with unprecedented resolution.
The TeddyCap SE includes the following cables:
- Koltura D5 -- DIN 5pin 240Deg (compatible with SNAIC-5) - always included.
- Koltura D4 -- DIN 4pin to 4pin (compatible with SNAIC-4) - optional extra, required for Naim integrated amplifiers.

Benefits over our standard TeddyCap

The TeddyCap SE offers a significant improvement in sound quality over our standard TeddyCap, across all parameters.
Both products are available to choose from.

I first purchase the power supplies for my Super Nait2 and my NDX2 and knew immediately I made a great decision. Most recently I upgraded to the new TeddyCap SE and once again, worth it. The improvement in dynamics and more defined sound stage was instantly apparent to my ears. Great work Teddy Pardo!

I have a Supernait, or Nait-XS (all versions) - what should I expect ?

The TeddyCap SE offers a major step forward in sound quality when used with all versions of Supernait or Nait-XS:

  • Smoother presentation - cleaner sound, with more finesse, giving a very enjoyable result for the long term.
  • Wider and deeper soundstage - the speakers suddenly "disappear", giving a better sense of "being there".
  • Better defined lows - less muddy and better controlled, without overshadowing the mid-bass region.

Note: Make sure to select DIN4+DIN5 cable bundle when ordering.

I have a NAC-282, which power supply should I choose?

The answer depends on your future plans: if you are planning to change it into NAC252 in the foreseeable future, head to our TeddySuperCap. Otherwise, select a pair of TeddyCap SEs plus separate NAPSC, or a TeddyCap SE and a TeddyCapPlus SE that includes an integrated NAPSC outlet.

Is the SE version available for DualTeddyCap ?

At this stage, the SE version will be only available to the TeddyCap (replaces HiCap) and TeddyCapPlus (replaces HiCap and NAPSC).
Users of NAC-282 can connect 2 TeddyCaps.

Is the TeddyCap SE version compatible with additional Naim products ?

Yes, the TeddyCap SE is fully compatible with HiCap, therefore will work perfectly with a large variety of Naim products, such as Stageline, NAC preamps (except for 52/252) and most integrated amps (except Nait5Si).

What does 'DR' stand for ?

DR refers to "Discrete regulator", meaning no IC-Chips are used.

The TeddyCap has been a Discrete Regulator since day one.

User Manual

Download from here: Download Link.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 6 cm
DIN Cable Type

Koltura D5 (DIN5-240), Koltura D5 (DIN5-240) + Koltura D4 (DIN4), No cables

21 reviews for TeddyCap Special Edition (SE) – Replaces one HiCap DR

  1. Lee Crossey (verified owner)

    Fantastic company , everything explained always there to help with queries and fantastic bit of kit to add to my Naim system

    Image #1 from Lee Crossey
  2. Paul Haggerty (verified owner)

    I bought a TeddyXPS and a Teddycap SE, The Teddycap was to replace an existing Hicap and the TeddyXPS was to power my NDX2. I have had them both on continuously for a week and OMG, what a difference, I read someone else’s review which complained about the base, no way, the bade is way tighter and refined, takes away any distortion, low piano notes are just amazing. The treble is brighter and overall the sound stage is sharper and more focussed. I can’t recommend these power supplies enough, if I could bolt on any more TP kit to my existing system I would.

    Image #1 from Paul Haggerty
  3. Marco Del Ben (verified owner)

    Preso per SN3, ottimo risultato

  4. johan r. (verified owner)

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

  6. Paul (verified owner)

    Put 2 TeddyCaps on my 282 and it’s sounding magnificent. Beautifully compliments the TeddySupercap on my Superline. Shipping to Canada only took 4 days, and for whatever reason, there is never import duties or taxes on products imported to Canada from Israel. Huge bonus. And the new cables are beautiful and sound great. Might have to invest in some more so I can go full loom.

    Image #1 from Paul
  7. Bert Svensson (verified owner)

    Always pleasant and happy to answer stupid questions, also good products.

  8. Henk v. (verified owner)


    Image #1 from Henk v.
  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good Service and a great product. Sound is so much clearer

  10. Peter G. (verified owner)

    Better than I had expected in terms of clarity, energy and sheer musicality. It would be good to have a forum in which further products/ideas could be discussed to improve still further the enjoyment.

  11. Alexander Tarelkin (verified owner)

    Many new details in the sound, more understandable and clean.big step for my system!ps after disconnect new psu you can understood all benefits of this psu!

    Image #1 from Alexander Tarelkin
  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    very satisfied

  13. Gareth Mason (verified owner)

    The TeddyCap SE is spectacular! It has improved the grip of the music. The first things I have noticed since installing has been a stronger tactile quality with instruments and a deeper sound stage, with improved timing and control of bass but there also lots more details evident in the music. The shipping for this power supply was incredibly swift from ordering to my door in two days.

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Build quality is very good, delivery very quick great service all round

  15. Mariyan P. (verified owner)

    I make test and results is amazing thanks for teddypardo great dealer

    Image #1 from Mariyan P.
  16. Miłosz (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the Cap. It added quite a bit of refinement to the sound of my Supernait 3 making it a perfect amp for my taste. The DIN cables were also included, so I am glad I didn’t have to spend extra money to buy them separately.

  17. Aaron B. (verified owner)

  18. Ryan Donaghy (verified owner)

    Excellent service and product. Made a massive difference to my system and delivery was really quick.

  19. Ernesto Del Aguila III (verified owner)

    Made a surprising difference in the sound of my Supernait 3. It brought the vocalists forward and added more depth to the sound. It also tamed the high frequencies and the soundstage width grew a smidge. I would absolutely buy this again.

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    A little confusion: ordered one model and received an initial lower priced receipt for an older model. Later received the correct price for the correct model via automated email. I received the order in reasonable time in consideration of the middle east war. When I received the ordered item it was not the exact item I ordered but was, what seemed to me, an upgraded item that would work with my amplifier. However, I wasn’t sure that it was working properly and I requested a replacement which was quickly done without argument. Received the correct, originally ordered item and it seems to work better and quickly.

  21. Reinhard G. (verified owner)

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