Teddy24 AC Power Supply – 2.5mm Cable (for Rega)


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1 review for Teddy24 AC Power Supply – 2.5mm Cable (for Rega)

  1. ALAIN (verified owner)

    I have got a Pro-Ject RPM 5.1 turntable connected to the network with a standard supplied transformer. This transformer overheats and its use is not highly recommended.

    I contacted TeddyPardo’s Yarid to find out if they had a 16V AC power supply with 2.1mm cable to replace the transformer on the Pro-Ject turntable. The solution was immediate. I am sure that TeddyPardo can provide a solution to practically all our needs, you just have to explain well what you need and they will give you a suitable solution.

    Twenty days ago I received the Teddy24 AC power supply (adapted to 16V), the package arrived one day before the scheduled delivery date. Everything arrived in correct condition and the DHL parcel service did its job well.

    The Teddy24 AC power supply has a rugged appearance, has a very good finish and looks good in the rack with the whole system. Its finish is simple, a green led light on the front panel and the connectors on the rear panel. The connector for the DC cable is of very good quality, as is the cable that is supplied with the power supply with a 2.1mm connector in my case. These finishes are the result of the good work they are doing at TeddyPardo. Add that Teddy24 AC is provided with a fuse, an uncommon option in other power supplies, which allows upgrades with higher quality fuses. The upgrade of a fuse is a highly recommended option, for little money you can obtain frankly positive results in the system, little great detail.

    Before listening I left the power supply running for 15 days. This power supply needs time to run to show its potential. Teddy24 does not give off heat, so it is possible to leave it permanently on, an important issue since by leaving Teddy24 on for as long as possible we can obtain its maximum potential.

    The benefits that Teddy24 AC brings to this turntable are obvious. Teddy24 AC is a must-have update for Pro-Ject RPM 5.1.

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