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The TeddyXPS is a power supply which was designed to improve the performance of Naim CD players such as the CDX, CDX2, CDS2, CDS3, the Naim HDX, the Naim ND5XS/NDX/NDX-2/NDS, the NAC272, the Naim DAC, etc. It is compatible with the original Naim XPS/XPS2 power supplies but uses superior circuitry to provide even better performance.
The TeddyXPS in bundled with a high quality TXPS Burndy cable, at no extra cost.

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The TeddyXPS is a power supply which was designed to improve the performance of Naim CD players such as the CDX, CDX2, CDS2, CDS3, the Naim HDX, the Naim ND5XS/NDX/NDX-2/NDS, the NAC272, the Naim DAC, etc. It is compatible with the original Naim XPS/XPS2 power supplies but uses superior circuitry to provide even better performance.


The Naim CDX/2 CD player, the NDX/2/HDX, and the Naim DAC incorporate a built-in economical power supply, but were designed to be upgradable with an external power supply, the XPS, which significantly improves their performance. The Naim XPS uses the same circuitry as the internal power supply, and the main reason for the improvement achived by the Naim XPS is related to the fact that the internal power supply has only three power rails while the external has six. In addition to providing six power rails, the TeddyXPS uses a superior regulation circuitry, the SuperTeddyReg.

The power supply is one of the most important and critical factors in sound quality. As described above, a significant improvement can be achieved, even by simply splitting the power supply to independent power rails. This effect can also be demonstrated by adding a second HiCaps with the NAC82/282. The original XPS uses a basic regulation circuit, the same circuit used in all Naim power supply, which is based on a monolithic linear regulator the LM317 (or the LM337 for the negative rails). More improvement can be achieved by using an ultra low noise power supply such as the SuperTeddyReg. This regulator which was originally designed for the TeddyCap and demonstrated great success was later adapted to be used for the TeddyXPS. For more information about the TeddyCap family of power supplies read here

The TeddyXPS can be used with the Naim NAC272, NDX/2, HDX, nDAC, NDS, and ND5XS.
The TeddyXPS cannot be used with ND5XS2, as it is not upgradeable.
We can offer a custom version of TeddyXPS that is compatible with ND555, please contact us for details.


The TeddyXPS is equipped with a very high quality Burndy replacement cable. This cable is made of three independently screened cables, each of them is made of PTFE/Silver plated wires. One cable carries the power for the analogue circuits, one for the DAC circuits, and one for the motor and control circuits. Having each cable independently screened gives better separation between them. This cable is included with the TeddyXPS.

The Effect

Better soundstage, more detail, extended and more open sound (cymbals last longer), extended and firmer bass, human voices sound more natural, and an overall smoother, and less aggressive and fatiguing sound.


  • Better sound quality
  • Smaller size
  • No transformer hum
  • Does not require maintenance or recapping
  • Lower cost

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 6 cm

9 reviews for TeddyXPS – Replaces Naim XPS

  1. Stefan H. (verified owner)

    I recently bought a Naim NC-S 272 streamer/Preamplifier for my system (Streamer replaced an NAD M50 streamer). Got it for a good price and was happy with the build quality and ease of operation. The sound was … ok. It sounded a bit slow and undefined. Bhe EQ was balanced, but everything was a bit grey, and I was almost suspecting my Sehring 703 SE speakers to be the culprit, because the sound was the opposite of what I expected from Naim.

    The EQ balance was fine, but it sounded a bit „grey“ and „slow“. I did check into the power upgrades on Naims site, but there was only two options: XPS and some other smaller option. The XPS in Naims offer was way too expensive for a power support upgrade, so I was researching for alternatives. A befriended enthusiast, who is also a contributor for a larger german audiophile magazine pointed me towards Teddy Pardo, and he said that the quality was more or less on par with the NAIM units, just a lot cheaper.

    So I bought the XPS power upgrade from Teddy Pardo and attached it to my system today.

    I really did not know what to expect, but the results where some pretty obvious and more than subtle improvements of the sound. Its like you suddently set the focus of your manual foto camera right, because it was jsut slightly out of focus.

    Suddenly the „Grey“ and „slow“ is gone, the sound becomes much more detailed and „3d“, instruments stand out more in depth and are more focused and separated from the rest. Voices have a better articulation, you get a better grasp of accents and breathing techniques of singers, which was all hidden in the grey before. Instruments have more energy, texture and more natural attack and decay of the impulses. Also the Naim 272 finally got PRAT („pace rhythm and timing“), which the NAIM-components are actually famous for.

    To my surprise, this change was not subtle, it was pretty obvious and it got even better the longer I listened. This is a major improvement for the Naim 272, and while not on the cheap side, definitely worth the money.

    Why not 5 stars? The only thing I noticed was that the bass seemed to be a tad leaner than before. I really liked my Sehrings bass, and while it is more defined than before, it also lost a little bit of punch and authority. However, this might settle/change, when the burn in phase is concluded, I might update the review (and my rating) when it does.

    Still, the positive effects of this upgrade outweigh the negative effect BY FAR, so i would definitely do it again.

    One last thing: Build quality of the UNIT and the Burndy cable is pretty good and on par with whatv you would expect for a unit for this price. I can‘t believe the price that NAIM charges for an XPS and burndy cable, so I can recommend to turn to Teddy Pardo for an alternative with a much better cost/price ratio.

    Shipping took approximately a week by the way, customs had a few questions which added two more days – all in all a fair time for a paket from Israel to Germany.

  2. Anders Munk (verified owner)

    Love the TeddyXPS!

  3. Frank (verified owner)

  4. ALAIN (verified owner)

    On June 13, I received the order package, it arrived one day before the scheduled delivery date. Everything was in good condition and DHL Parcel Service did its job well.

    The TeddyXPS PSU presents a robust appearance despite its size, It has a very good finish and looks good in the Rack with the whole system. Its finish is simple, a green led light on the front panel and the connectors on the rear panel. The connector for the Burndy cable is of very good quality as is the cable that is supplied with the power supply. The Burndy cable It has a solid appearance, perfectly finished, an arrow indicates the direction of the signal in order to always install it in the same direction, the cable connection fits perfectly in the Burndy connector of the naim NDX 2. These finishes are the result of the excellent performance that TeddyPardo put into their work. Bravo!

    Before listening I left the power supply running for 15 days. Before listening I left the power supply running for 15 days. This font needs a run time (minimum of 10 days) to show its potential.

    The naim NDX 2 executed as a single unit works very well. Depth, focus and timing are very good, grain is low and the sound is very expansive. The dynamics are also very good. By itself naim NDX 2 is an excellent player.

    Adding a TeddyXPS provides a 25-30% increase in overall sound quality. This improvement occurs in all frequency ranges from the lowest to the highest. The low sounds are deep and intense, middle sounds mainly voices and percussion instruments play in another division and the high frequencies are crystal clear, all with extraordinary cleanliness and transparency. Sounds that were previously shown shyly or in a more distant plane are now more present and closer, and you can even hear some sound that you didn’t hear before.

    To get its full potential TeddyXPS has to stay on as long as possible, it gives off heat, it is advisable to place it in an airy place, I have placed it over some oak wood feet, which gives some interesting benefits.

    There may be listeners who feel penalised when it comes to dynamics, TeddyXPS performs with astonishing cleanliness and transparency. Creating deep blacks, this quota of crystallinity slightly penalises dynamics. This slight penalty is similar to the one that occurs When you connect your system to a power line cleaner, you gain in cleanliness, detail and transparency but you lose some nerve or agility.

    In conclusion, TeddyXPS is an essential power supply to give naim NDX 2 all its potential that is a lot and places this combination in the excellence of audio. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

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  5. Gabor (verified owner)

    The walk-in is still going on

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  6. Peter W. (verified owner)

    Massive upgrade from bare NAC N272

  7. Stefan H. (verified owner)

    Te unit is great and improved the sound of my Naim XPS-272 Streamer/DAC/Preamp consideably. The build quality is excellent.

    Just the processing of the paid order took a few days longer than anticipated, hence 5 –> 4 Stars.

    The unit itself is flawless and very high uild quality and works like a charm.

  8. George Vause (verified owner)

    Opened up the sound of my HDX to a higher level, Very pleased !!.

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product, it bring naim ndx2 to the next level. Customer service also very responsive.

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