Teddy5/3 – 5V 3A Power Supply – 2.5mm Cable


The PHN1.1 is a high-end, two-box phono stage, with outboard power supply, designed to be used between a turntable and a line-level amplifier. It amplifies the low level signal from a moving coil or moving magnet cartridge according to the RIAA curve, to a line level signal which can be connected to a line input of any line-level amplifier or pre amplifier..

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 The Teddy5/3 power supply can be used to replace the small AC plug-in power adaptor that comes with many audio equipment, routers, NAS etc, and provides significant improvement in sound quality.

The design is based on the experience gained with the TeddyCap family of power supplies for Naim Audio equipment, and uses the same technology.


In general, you’ll experience more clarity, tighter bass, more detail, better dynamics, natural voices, better soundstage etc.


The small power supply which is provided with most types of equipment is based on a technology called Switch Mode. Using this technology it is possible to create small, efficient, and low cost power supplies. Unfortunately due to their method of operation (high frequency capacitor charging), these power supplies are also very noisy, causing degradation in sound quality. As an alternative, several after market power supplies exist which are usually based on Linear Regulators. These regulators provides an improvement over the original power supply but as can be seen on the graph below are still limited in their performance.

The Teddy5/3 power supply is based on a superior regulator called SuperTeddyReg and provides a significant improvement over linear regulators.

The following graph shows the noise level measurements of the original wall wart power supply (red line), an alternative power supply based on a Liner Regulator (blue line), and the Teddy12/4 power supply (black line). The brown line is a zero Volt reference which is actually the measurement equipment internal noise. As can be seen the Teddy5/3 power supply noise level is very close to the zero Volt reference.

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The Teddy5/3 power supply is equipped with a high quality cable made of silver plated PTFE insulated wires. The cable capacitance is around 13pF/ft, and its resistance is also very low, around 10 milliohm/ft.

Shipping is by registered mail and usually takes 1-2 weeks. Please contact us for express mail if required (note that express mail requires customs declaration).

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